How can food science countribute towards making the future of the food industry sustainable and fairer. How can we produce higher quality products?


Our research focuses on quality of food and beverage products as well as the effect of production, packadging and storeage on the quality of the products.

Our team is well versed at spectroscopic analysis techniques to uncover the chemistry of food products, especially with NMR methods. We also have experience in project and outreach management, and the industrial application of research. 

Sci-Fi Food  is happy to participates in research groups but also conducts its own research.

We offer: 

  • Data analysis of spectroscopic data related to food products
  • Application of NMR methods to food products
  • Participation in project managment
  • Outreach managment
  • Research into industrial application of results

One of our ongoing projects is the developing of objective sytems of quality measurment in coffee. These systems are important in order to promote product information in a standardized and easily readible fashion. Objective qualtity measurment can also be used to secure pricing for sellers of raw materials. We have also analysed the chemical composition of coffee and how it affects our experience of flavour. In addition we have looked at how the chemistry of food products degrades over time resulting in spoilage.

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