Sci-Fi Food is a startup company with the goal of uniting food industry and food science. Our company has been founded by a food scientist and a sensory expert from the coffee industry in order to bring together the best of both worlds

We believe that  production on the basis of limited resources, and a rising need for food security will be two major challenges in the future.  Using scientific and entrepreneurial thinking, in combination with industry tested techniques, our goal is to drive innovation and help the food industry move towards a new, sustainable future.  

We apply the newest scientific and sensory methods to develop products while putting the consumer in the center of what we do. In addition, our goal is  to improve the value chain through research for objective measurment. Our ultimate goal is a better system, quality food and fairer pricing.

Our Team

Tony Jacobsen, Founder


Professional coffee roaster and sensory expert. Tony founded Jacobsen og Svart coffee roastery and has developed a keen interest in flavor and food production. He always works towards spreading fairness and openness within the food industry and to raise awareness not only of food products,  but also the production process. 


Michael Beermann, Founder                                              


 Food scientist with a master's degree specialized in biology and biochemistry. Next to being a scientist, Michael has a background in project management. He is an innovator who seeks to apply scientific methods to food development, as well as a strong advocate of "down to earth science". He also has a keen interest in flavor, and has work experience in brewing, roasting, and distilling. For Michael, raising awareness within the context of food and nourishment is important.